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November 11, 2021

Will Home Security Signs Deter Intrusion In Alpharetta?

There's a common myth that placing signage from a home security company in close proximity to your primary entry is the only thing required to prevent criminal activity. Basically, a robber will see visible warning and move on. With this in mind, could you just have a home security sign in Alpharetta and not worry about installing a home security system? This means that a alarm system isn’t necessary, all you need is a home security sign in Alpharetta. It’s the home security sign that deters intrusion in Alpharetta not the actual security system.

Although there is legitimate value in showcasing signs and decals from respected security companies like ADT®, it won’t be sufficient to dissuade every intruder. You’ll be in a much better position backing them up with real security measures. You will likely agree it’s a smarter and safer plan than simply assuming that your home security signs will deter intrusion in Alpharetta.

Legitimize Your Alpharetta Home Security Signs With Integrated Security Components

While home security signs could deter intrusion some of the time, you shouldn’t count on them as the only means to protect your home and family. As an alternative, you should try incorporating all or at least some of the ensuing components:

● Video surveillance: Not surprisingly, thieves don’t want to be recorded on video as it might be critical evidence in a legal matter. Consider an outside camera that oversees main areas of entry like your front and back doors, garage, and windows.

● Window and door sensors: A great number of burglars will enter through your front door, back door, and windows, so you need to have them protected by glass break and motion detectors. In the event an alarm trips, your integrated home defense will warn you and your 24.7 monitoring professionals.

● Motion-detection lighting: Although it’s true that numerous robberies happen in broad daylight when residents are at work, you should also safeguard against thieves who prefer the cover of darkness. Motion-detection lighting located next to your windows, doors, and garage will instantly highlight nefarious behavior and frighten off intruders.

● Smart entry locks and doorbell video: Smart locking systems will notify you if an individual tries to engage your door. A doorbell video component takes it one step further by providing a visual perspective. Both of these solutions can be managed through the security app on your phone.

● Smart lights: A worthwhile home automation tool, smart lights are able to be customized to a schedule or activated right from your mobile device. They will make it seem like you are on-site and successfully turn away thieves.

Start Planning Your Integrated Home Protection Package

Why would you gamble that fake home security signs will deter intrusion in Alpharetta when you can have an integrated home protection plan? Reach out to (678) 251-9195 or fill out the contact form to request assistance. You are able to pick from a range of solutions at reasonably priced rates or you can personalize your home’s protection exactly how you want it.